New Students

If you are registering for your first semester at OCU, your Admissions Counselor will schedule a Registration Day or personal advising appointment.

Continuing Students

Academic Advising

Students are assigned an academic advisor upon entrance to the university based on their intended major and field of study. Students are encouraged to seek the Advisor's guidance for issues related to the chosen degree program, and other academic concerns. Each semester, during Registration Days, advisor appointments are made available to each student.

Course Registration

Once the Advisor is satisfied with the student's registration plan, he or she enables students' access to course registration in SONIS. While advisors assist students in selecting courses that fulfill program requirements, responsibility for ensuring that graduation requirements are met belongs to the student.

Registration resources and FAQs are available at For additional registration assistance, please contact the University Registrar's Office (, 740.477.7780 (phone), or 740.500.0465 (Text).