Class Attendance

Class attendance is an essential part of the learning process. Significant materials, insights, perspectives, and opinions are gained from class sessions, and students are expected to participate in class discussion.

Absence Limits

The number of allowed absences for classes that meet the full semester is shown in the table below. 

Weekly Class Meetings Allowed Absences
3-week summer class 3
1 3
2 6
3 9
4 12






When courses do not meet the full length of the semester, the instructor will prorate the allowed absences and publish that limit in the syllabus. For example, if a 2-day-per week course only meets 9 weeks instead of 14, the allowed absences would be  9/14 x 6, or 4 absences.

Alternative meeting days, such as the online day for hybrid classes, will count as one of the meeting days in the attendance policy. Any assignments in lieu of class meetings count as a weekly class meeting, and students who do not complete these assignments will be counted absent.

Tests and other work may be made up for absences beyond the student's control (e.g., University-sponsored field trips, athletics, or music or drama presentations; hospitalization; death or hospitalization of an immediate family member). However, all absences remain a part of the student's attendance record and count toward the total absences in a class.

Failure Due to Excessive Absences

If a student misses more than the allowed absences in a given course for any reason, the student automatically fails the course unless an appeal is approved. Forms for appealing a failure due to excessive absences may be obtained from the Provost’s office or online at www.ohiochristian. edu/registrar. Appeals must be submitted by the last day of regular classes (before final exam week).

Absences for University-sponsored Events

If a team qualifies for post-season play (i.e., National Tournament), an exception will be made to the attendance rule while the team is engaged in tournament play. If a student in good academic standing must miss more than the allowed absences for university-sponsored events, the necessary absences will not be counted against them. Faculty members are asked to provide an alternative option to missed participation points.

Veteran Absences

The Veterans’ Administration places responsibility upon participating veterans to meet the University’s established attendance policy. It is the responsibility of the University to report to the Veterans’ Administration veterans who are not progressing satisfactorily. This is especially true in the case of unofficial drop-outs or official withdrawals. Instructors must be prepared, upon request, to report the last day of attendance of any veteran student.

Absence of an Instructor

In the event of an unannounced absence of the instructor, students are not required to wait longer than ten (10) minutes after the scheduled beginning time of a class unless students have been notified that the instructor will arrive late.