Bachelor of Arts

The Business major is focused on equipping the student for management roles in both profit and non-profit organizations.  The inclusion of a core of Bible/Christian Worldview classes ensures this education is morally and ethically grounded.  There are twelve concentrations within the Business major:  Accounting, Business Management, Criminal Justice Administration, Emergency Management, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Logistics Management, Marketing, Nonprofit, Organizational Leadership, and Production Management.

Program Objectives

  1. Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision making.
  2. Demonstrate awareness and improvement of thinking and learning strategies.
  3. Apply business concepts in a business environment.
  4. Analyze a business operation and provide recommendations for improvement.

Course Requirements

120 Semester Credits
  • 36 General Education
  • 39 General Electives
  • 45 Program Electives

Program Course List

ACC4010 Accounting II 3 credits 6 weeks

The acquisition, analysis, and reporting of financial information is important to the individual manager and the organization. Special attention will be given to the planning and control responsibilities of practicing managers. Individuals should gain confidence in their ability to interpret and use financial information for more effective decision-making.

ACC2020 Accounting I

FIN4000 Financial Management 3 credits 5 weeks

Financial management provides a foundation of the main topics in finance.  This course provides a theoretical foundation to evaluate organizational finance issues and apply theory in practice.

FIN2010 Introduction to Financial Management

BUS3000 Ethics 3 credits 5 weeks

This course presents an overview of some of the main classical philosophical views that have shaped Western norms, values, and beliefs. Christian Ethics will be the primary focus of this course. There will be a direct correlation drawn between ethics and morals. Decisions or choices are made based on a system of beliefs. In Christian Ethics, the Bible is used to prescribe how a person ought to live.

MGT4800 Management Capstone 3 credits 5 weeks

Offers an overall view of managing an organization by challenging students to integrate learning from all course work in solving complex management problems.

Completion of BA program major courses and/or concentration courses.