Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical studies provides a foundational study of the history, context, and message of the Bible, as well as, equipping graduates to communicate the truth of the Gospel. The program prepares graduates for advanced Christian ministry positions or for master’s level studies in Bible, theology, and related fields.


  • Communicate a biblically sound Christian worldview.
  • Analyze the background, theological themes, literature, and content of the Bible.
  • Compare and contrast the various schools of biblical interpretation and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Apply principles and techniques for effective biblical study and biblical communication.

Course Requirements

120 Semester Credits
  • 36 General Education
  • 36 Electives (3 credit hours must be in Leadership)
  • 42 Biblical Studies Major (15 credits at the 3000-level or above)

Prerequisites must be completed before starting the core program:

  • BIB1210 Old Testament Survey (Gen Ed Core)
  • BIB2000 New Testament Survey (Gen Ed Core)
  • BIB1000 Methods of Bible Study
  • THE3100 Investigating Christian Theology I

21 additional credits in Biblical Studies, 15 at the 3000-level or above

Program Course List

MIN3200 Spiritual Formation in the Evangelical Church 3 credits 5 weeks

This course integrates foundational Christian doctrine with personal experience in the journey toward wholeness in Christ.  The course will be emphasizing scripture, discipline, and community as essential patterns of devotion.

BIB4000 Advanced Bible Study Methods 3 credits 5 weeks

This course further develops skills with the Inductive Bible Study method. Students will survey a book of scripture, engage in the process of observation and survey, expand their skills of interpretation, and develop concrete applications.

REL3000 Transformed Worldview 3 credits 5 weeks

The course will explore ways in which the student can develop a positive relationship with God as he/she explores the role of general revelation (the creation), special revelation (the Scriptures), and experiences God at work in the modern world.

CHS3000 Survey of Church History I 3 credits 5 weeks

The purpose of this course is to trace the history of Christianity from its beginnings to the great schism of 1054. Special attention will be given to the origins, expansions, key figures, theological development, and growth of Christianity, as well as, the relationship of church and state.

THE4050 Investigating Christian Theology II 3 credits 5 weeks

This course is a systematic study of the Christian faith with emphasis on the doctrines of salvation, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Second Coming of Christ. Related areas covered will be the teaching and life of holiness, the nature of ministry, the sacraments, and views of eschatology.

MIS4000 World Religions 3 credits 5 weeks

A comparative study of major world religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

BIB4800 Biblical Studies Captsone 3 credits 5 weeks

This course provides a study of the poetic and wisdom literature of the Old Testament that explores their historical, literary, and theological dimensions.