Undergraduate Transfer Student Policy

Ohio Christian University welcomes students to apply transfer credits from other institutions. The following provisions govern transferring credits to OCU:

  • The student seeking enrollment by transfer from another college will complete the regular admission process with the addition of a transcript review supplied by OCU.
  • All academic courses in which at least a “C-” grade or its equivalent has been earned are eligible for transfer, subject to the discretion of the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, providing the courses were taken at a regionally or ABHE accredited college/university.
  • Credits earned at an institution that does not hold regional or ABHE accreditation will be accepted only after probationary study at OCU of 30 credit hours and achievement of a 2.0 average or better. The maximum number of credits transferable from a school without regional or ABHE accreditation is less than half of the total program.
  • Bible and theology courses will only be accepted for transfer credit if earned from ABHE, CCCU, or other approved institutions.
  • Courses must be for college credit (i.e., not development).
  • Each applicant for transfer admission will be notified of the specific course credits or equivalents to be granted by OCU. OCU uses semester hours. One quarter hour is worth 0.67 of a semester hour.