Violation of Behavioral Standards

Disciplinary Process

All offenses will be handled on an individual basis. Any and all disciplinary sanctions may be applied. Some offenses may be considered minor in nature, while others are of greater concern and will result in action that is reflective of that. Penalties will increase if offenses accumulate or if more than one offense is involved in any incident. Every violation and decision will be discussed with the student. Students should be aware that all federal, state, and local laws apply as well. Enrollment in no way negates coverage from civil law. Penalty from civil law does not exempt students from further discipline by the University. The University reserves the right to discipline students for conduct off the University premises if such conduct is detrimental to the reputation of the University or its mission.

Discipline Sanctions

All disciplinary infractions will be considered cumulative across the entire period of a student’s enrollment with Ohio Christian University.

Potential actions in the event of irresponsible behavior include:

  1. Written Warning: Student receives a letter from the University informing them that they have engaged in behavior that is in violation of Ohio Christian University Behavioral Standards.  If they should continue to engage in this behavior or any other behavioral that is in violation of the University Behavioral Standards, more serious actions may be taken by the University.  Written warnings may take the form of email or regular mail and will be clearly marked such.
  2. Request for Voluntary Withdrawal: A student may be asked to withdraw for their best interest.
  3. Suspension: Temporary immediate removal from academic status and other privileges for a designated period for the purpose of concentrated institutional and personal assessment of the student’s ability to benefit from an OCU educational experience. During this assessment period, the student is not allowed on campus nor to access the University virtual campus. Participation in any University sponsored events is prohibited.
  4. Expulsion: Permanent removal from school and immediate cessation of participation in the University’s programs and services. Enrollment will be terminated with immediate departure from campus or inaccessibility to the University virtual campus. The student will not be allowed to return to any Ohio Christian University location nor to participate in any University-sponsored events.

Appeal Procedure

Students are provided the opportunity to appeal any disciplinary decision by submitting their appeal in writing to within five business days of receiving notification of the disciplinary action taken.

Request for Readmission

If a student is suspended from the University and desires to return, he/she must submit a written request to for readmission. The student is to provide a thorough account of the actions that led to his/her dismissal and the student’s strategy for successfully continuing studies at the University.  An approval for readmission will be subject to any stipulations made by the AGS Director of Student Services.