Schedule Changes

Leave of Absence

Some students may need to leave school for a period of time. Currently, students are eligible to incorporate a break of up to six months into their schedule. However, they must be scheduled to take a course after the leave to avoid being considered dormant and being withdrawn from the University. If a student wishes to take a leave of absence, they may begin the process by contacting their assigned academic advisor or emailing the general account.


Students who need to withdraw from a course or program should always make an official contact via email with their assigned Academic Advisor.

A withdrawal from a course or program often requires adjustments to financial aid, per U.S. Department of Education and/or State of Ohio regulations.  The Financial Aid office makes that determination and any necessary adjustments upon receiving documentation of the course or program withdrawal.  The student is responsible for any outstanding balance incurred as a result of this process.

  • When dropping a course, a student must inform the Financial Aid office of their continued enrollment intention within 45 days of their last date of attendance, in order to keep his/her financial aid in good standing.
  • Withdrawals affect the student’s completion rate. (See GPA Requirements on p. 29)

Withdrawals from Program

The University will retain a fee of $100 for processing the withdrawal.

Withdrawals from Individual Courses

  • Students who do not attend any sessions of a course for which they have registered should contact their Academic Advisor to be withdrawn from the course, and their account will be credited for the tuition and be charged a Drop fee.*
  • If a student does not attend/participate any week of a class, they will be credited one hundred percent of their tuition.*
  • If a student attends/participates the first week of the class, they will be credited eighty percent of their tuition.*
  • If a student does not participate the first week, but attends/participates the second week, they are no longer eligible to be credited for the tuition.*
  • If a student withdraws after the second week of the course, they are no longer eligible to be credited for the tuition.*
  • If a student has already received textbooks for the courses, it is recommended the books be returned immediately for credit. Many courses change books or update editions without notice.

*Amounts credited to Georgia students may vary slightly.

Course Changes

Students withdrawing from a course after the semester begins will be charged a $30 drop fee and their tuition adjusted to reflect the number of credits carried for that semester. Please contact the Financial Aid office, as dropping a class from the semester may change aid eligibility.

The addition of a class may add to the student’s account and exceed their financial aid limits. Please contact the Financial Aid office prior to adding a class to the semester.