Internet Access

Computer Labs

Three computer labs are located on the main campus in the Maxwell Library and the Maxwell Center. Access to computer support at off-campus sites varies. Contact the College of Adult and Graduate Studies for specifics.

University Systems

Students access SONIS student information system for grades and statements of student accounts. All students are expected to use their university email account. Students access learning materials through the Edvance360 course learning system ( Some courses require students to have access to the Internet for weekly homework and assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to secure access for those courses that require it.

Homework Submission Requirements

Students must use Microsoft® Word™ documents when submitting assignments. Microsoft® Excel™, PowerPoint™, and Access™ will be needed for some courses. Refer to the syllabus for course specific requirements.

Technology Assistance

The University encourages students to use technological advances to enhance their personal educational experience. The IT Helpdesk provides assistance regarding access to the University systems. Students are assigned passwords upon their enrollment and may contact for access information and other inquiries.

Internet Monitoring

The University reserves the right on the main campus, at any remote site, or in our online programs to restrict students from accessing Internet sites that are pornographic in nature or in any way not consistent with the standards of Ohio Christian University. The University further reserves the right to monitor the use of the Internet on campus or on the network, randomly or systematically. Violations of policy will be handled through the disciplinary process.