Student Services and Policies

Accommodations Policy

Ohio Christian University is committed to its entire student body, including those who need accommodation for disabilities. The 504 Compliance Officer is responsible for coordinating OCU’s efforts in complying with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, including the University’s duty to address any inquiries or complaints regarding discrimination or denial of equal access. Information and forms can be located via the following URL:

Additionally, questions or comments may be directed to:
Ohio Christian University
Attn: 504 Compliance Officer
1476 Lancaster Pike
Circleville, OH 43113
Phone Number: 740-477-7803
Fax Number: 866-510-2708

Housing and Campus Employment

On campus housing and campus employment is not available for Adult and Graduate Studies students.

Student Record Information Changes

Name Change Procedure

The University requires students requesting a name change to provide official documentation to the AGS Registrar’s Office.  The official documentation must include their new last name and either their social security number or date of birth.  A copy of the new driver’s license,  social security card, a scanned image of their marriage certificate, or dissolution/divorce decree are documentation, approved for the name change to become effective.

Address and Telephone Number Change Procedure

Students are responsible to update any address or telephone number information in SONIS under the Bio icon.

Vehicle Regulations

Anyone who drives on the University campus is expected to abide by all posted regulations and use designated parking. Failure to comply with state and campus regulations may result in loss of parking rights. The University does not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while it is on campus.

Vehicle Operation

Vehicles are to be operated within posted speed limits. The maximum speed limit is 15 miles per hour on the University campus. Vehicles are to be operated only on surfaced roadways and parked only in designated areas. Vehicles may not be parked on lawns.

Parking On Main Campus & Off-Site

On main campus, no parking is allowed in areas painted or striped with yellow paint. This is done to prevent blocking of driveways, crosswalks, and building entrances. Some parking spaces are reserved from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Resident Director and handicap parking are reserved at all times. Students may use all non-designated spaces. At off-site campuses, students may be required to purchase parking permits or pay fees. Contact the Adult and Graduate Studies Office for details. For safety, students are encouraged to leave class together at night.

Visitors in the Classroom

  • Children – Due to the various disruptions and distractions (whether real or potential) associated with the presence of minor children in the classroom setting, no minor children will be permitted to accompany either faculty or students into class sessions.
  • Instructor Observation – An instructor observation may be conducted during class time when a University administrator or mentor observes an instructor for evaluation.
  • Student Assistance – Should a student need special assistance, such as someone to help carry class materials and books or someone to help take notes due to a temporary injury, he/she should notify the instructor of the injury and state the reason for the visitor via email prior to class time.