EQUIP® Leadership Certificate

Ohio Christian University is proud to offer in partnership with EQUIP® the EQUIP® Leadership Certificate program through iTunesU.


  • Completed online registration form (ohiochristian.edu/equip-leadership/register)
  • Proof of payment

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of the EQUIP® Leadership Certificate, students should be able to foster leadership qualities within and in others.

Courses (Avaliable Through iTunesU Only)


Free (not for credit) or $50 per credit transcript fee (for credit).


An  EQUIP® Leadership Certificate will be granted to students who have successfully completed all three courses.

Degree-seeking students can request (1) semester credit per  EQUIP® course (for a total of 3 credits). Transcription fee will apply.

PL1000 EQUIP Leadership I 3 credits

Overview of biblical leadership principles that are timeless and universal. Introduces students to the characteristics of leaders, developing leadership skills, and providing needed tools to lead.

PL1100 EQUIP Leadership II 3 credits

Deeper understanding of biblical leadership principles. Addresses the contents of Dr. John C. Maxwell’s books Today Matters, Winning With People, The 360-Degree Leader, Thinking for a Change, Failing Forward, and Talent is Never Enough.

PL1000 EQUIP Leadership I

PL1200 EQUIP Leadership III 3 credits

Application of biblical leadership principles through an in-depth study of Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

PL1100 EQUIP Leadership II