Old Testament Certificate

Certificate - AA Level

This certificate prepares individuals with a foundational knowledge of the Old Testament.

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of the Old Testament Certificate, students should be able to exhibit knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament.


Associate degree charge per credit hour with the exception of OT4040 which will be charged at the bachelor degree charge per credit hour.


An Old Testament Certificate will be printed on the transcript of those students who have successfully completed these 12 credits of Old Testament courses with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in the designated courses.

Required Courses

OT1000 Old Testament Survey 3 hours 5 weeks

Old Testament Survey is an overview of the background, events, people, and theology of the Old Testament with reflection on connections to the New Testament and ap­plication to Christian faith and life.

OT1100 Covenant & Promise 3 hours 5 weeks

This introductory course uses the various covenants found throughout the Bible as an interpretative paradigm for understanding how God has worked and continues to work with his creation, particularly humankind, leading to redemption.

OT2100 Pentateuch 3 hours 5 weeks

This course introduces the first five books of the Bible through a survey of its contents, with attention to its social and historical contexts, distinctive literary forms and features, major themes and theological assertions, and enduring message and relevance.

OT4040 Old Testament Prophets 3 hours 5 weeks

A study of the prophetic books (Isaiah through Malachi) from a chronological study of the prophets. Special attention will be given to historic context and the religious, social, political, and apocalyptic messages of the prophets.