Bachelor of Arts

The Business major is focused on equipping the student for management roles in both profit and non-profit organizations.  The inclusion of a core of Bible/Christian Worldview classes ensures this education is morally and ethically grounded.  There are six concentrations within the Business major:  Business Management, Disaster Management and Relief, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, Logistics Management, and Organizational Leadership. 

120 Semester Credits

  • 36 General Education
  • 39 General Electives
  • 45 Program Electives


Required Courses

RS3000 Research and Professional Development Skills 3 hours 5 weeks

This course focuses on competency in digital research and writing skills that support academic and professional success. Students will also be introduced to online tools for practical, academic, and professional development.

CM3000 Christian Excellence 3 hours 5 weeks

This course focuses on the attitude of the individual and how it impacts the ability and willingness to strive towards Christian excellence.  Students will also be introduced to reflecting on personal value systems, analyze techniques to exemplify Christian modeling, and exploring the transition from success to excellence.

PH3000 Transformed Worldview 3 hours 5 weeks

The course will explore ways in which the student can develop a positive relationship with God as he/she explores the role of general revelation (the creation), special revelation (the Scriptures), and experiences God at work in the modern world. 

CM3100 Concepts of Leadership 3 hours 5 weeks

The course is a study involving strategies from the business-for-profit, the non-profit sector, and the moral and spiritual arena. Application of the concepts will influence personal and career goals.

MG4030 Macroeconomics 3 hours 5 weeks

This course introduces economic analysis at the aggregate level, including the impact of monetary and fiscal policies on the aggregate behavior of individuals and business.  The effect of current domestic and international policies on macroeconomic performance is analyzed. 

(Recommendation:  prior college level economics course)

MG4010 Accounting II 3 hours 6 weeks

The acquisition, analysis, and reporting of financial information is important to the individual manager and the organization. Special attention will be given to the planning and control responsibilities of practicing managers. Individuals should gain confidence in their ability to interpret and use financial information for more effective decision-making.

(Recommendation:  prior college level accounting course)

TH4000 Introduction to Theology 3 hours 5 weeks

This course will be a systematic study of the doctrines of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, sin, salvation and other related topics. These themes will be examined through various passages of scripture within the context of scripture.

MG3040 Business Information Systems 3 hours 5 weeks

This course will examine computerized information systems and how data is captured, processed, and communicated. Students will learn about the fundamental concepts and technologies used in business information systems. A practical hands-on look at how (intermediate) Microsoft Excel and (beginning) Microsoft Access can be integrated within business information systems will be covered.

MG3050 Business Law 3 hours 5 weeks

Business law is a study of the fundamental principles and practices of law, and how it impacts business situations. This course emphasizes the dynamic interaction between the individual, organization, and society. The concepts of Christian ethics and proper business conduct will be emphasized throughout the course.

MG4000 Financial Management 3 hours 5 weeks

Financial management provides a foundation of the main topics in finance.  This course provides a theoretical foundation to evaluate organizational finance issues and apply theory in practice.

MG4010 Accounting II

ET3000 Ethics 3 hours 5 weeks

This course presents an overview of some of the main classical philosophical views that have shaped Western norms, values, and beliefs. Christian Ethics will be the primary focus of this course. There will be a direct correlation drawn between ethics and morals. Decisions or choices are made based on a system of beliefs. In Christian Ethics, the Bible is used to prescribe how a person ought to live. 

MG4800 Management Capstone 3 hours 5 weeks

Offers an overall view of managing an organization by challenging students to integrate learning from all course work in solving complex management problems.

MG4010 Accounting II
MG4030 Macroeconomics
MG4000 Financial Management